Knowledge Management SME / Site Lead

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Date Posted: 12-20-2018
Job Title:                    Knowledge Management SME – Site Lead
Job Location:            US Army Garrison, Wiesbaden, Germany    
Salary:                        Competitive, Depends on Qualifications   
Clearance:                 Active Secret Clearance    
Travel:                        Up to 25% OCONUS or CONUS
The US Army Garrison Wiesbaden S3/5/7 Plans, Analysis and Integration Division requires contractor support services in the Knowledge Management area. Several gap analyses and surveys have determined that, in the case of both the workforce and community, the garrison is not sharing information as effectively as it should. Knowledge Management has not been prioritized or resourced, leading to processes not being automated. Increased availability of IT-based KM tools and resources has provided an opportunity for strategic synchronization and focus across the garrison on process efficiency. The goal is to help maximize service delivery resulting in improved processes for the garrison workforce while meeting IMCOM and Army standards. The contract is also responsible for implementing strategic action plan initiatives linked to process improvement which can't be resourced in-house but are key to achieving Wiesbaden strategic goals.
Identify policies, procedures and processes for harnessing knowledge:
  • For each business process in the garrison, you shall develop a KM flowchart as such: Business Process >> Activity >> Sub-processes supported >> Knowledge Needed >> Tacit or Explicit >> Who Needs the Knowledge >> Who has the knowledge >> Gap or opportunity. 
  • Shall assess and analyze current KM requirements and gaps in each garrison directorate and staff office, creating a Knowledge Map for each directorate and special staff office, and one garrison-wide, that identifies gaps and needs. 
  • Shall create a KM Strategy that includes analyzation of existing infrastructure, aligning KM and business strategy, designing the KM architecture and integrating existing infrastructure, auditing and analyzing existing knowledge, designing the KM team, creating a KM blueprint, developing the KM system, developing results-driven incremental methodology. 
  • Shall address and include the following steps - Step 1. Understand the Knowledge Needs (most critical info and knowledge needed by the org; challenges and risks related to knowledge gaps; KM behaviors of the organization).  Step 2. Assess Opportunities (identify current gaps in the availability of specific knowledge needed to support key business processes; prioritize opportunities based on business needs; propose business case and pilot projects for approval). Step 3. Design and Implement Solutions (select relevant KM approaches to address the types of knowledge to be managed; design KM tools).  Step 4. Improve and Sustain (establish ongoing oversight and business processes for maintenance and improvement of the KM program; update KM strategy and program based on evolving business needs; define and implement business-related measures for assessment of KM performance; develop approaches for reinforcement and recognition of KM successes). 
  • Components of the strategy shall include: Identify users of KM; Identify sources of knowledge; Identify knowledge to be captured; Identify goals/expectations of the KM initiative by identifying ties to organizational strategy; Identify how captured knowledge is to be stored and represented; Generation of top management support; Establish process for adding, removing and modifying knowledge to the KM strategy; Establish metrics for knowledge use; Establish feedback process on the effectiveness of knowledge use; Identification of the amount of context to be captured with the knowledge; Modification of processes/procedures as a result of organizational learning; Creation of new processes as a result of organizational learning; Creation and modification of KM support tools to support knowledge use; Increased utilization of personnel who create, share and/or utilize knowledge at higher levels of authority and responsibility; Use of lessons learned reports or post activity assessment to review and capture what was learned during organizational activities; and Creation of a learning organization. 
  • Shall develop a KM transfer plan that identifies ways to transfer critical knowledge through communities, mentoring, and technical tools. 
  • Shall establish a KM working group consisting of representatives of each garrison directorate and staff office. 
  • Shall track required training completion for SharePoint Site Administrators and KM Working Group members. 
  • Shall attend and report data during KM Working Group meetings each month and publish results and deliverables in meeting minutes. 
  • Shall utilize the collaborations and discussion in the meetings and KM analysis results to produce an overall KM framework and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for garrison KM and update annually. 
  • Shall provide data input to the COR’s assessment KM Working Group effectiveness in an annual report. 
Advise, guide, and implement KM within the garrison workforce. 
  • Shall develop and execute an internal marketing plan for garrison senior leaders, key managers, and the workforce at large to promote KM tools and assets, actively promoting KM with leaders and staff. 
  • Shall identify best KM practices monthly and share in accordance with marketing plan. 
  • Shall develop a Risk Assessment for the garrison’s KM program that prioritizes knowledge by importance and risk of its loss. Components shall include: 1. Identifying risk, 2. Sourcing the risk, 3. Measuring the risk, 4. Evaluating the risk, 5. Mitigating the risk, and 6. Monitoring the risk. 
  • Shall manage knowledge risks by establishing a learning climate, mitigating knowledge loss, creating channels for knowledge flow and developing a shared team memory. 
  • Shall facilitate connections, coordination, and communications among subordinate, peer, and higher-level organizations, especially with USAREUR and IMCOM-Europe KM professionals to explore partnership and collaboration opportunities. 
  • Shall train garrison personnel on KM techniques, processes, and procedures. 
  • Shall provide desk-side support to Garrison directorates and staff offices with KM application specific to their operational requirements.
Managing KM tools:
  • Shall conduct an inventory and establish a matrix of all available KM tools by audience and media type. 
  • Shall utilize the matrix of available KM tool to recommend which information type is best shared using which tool. 
  • Shall provide input to the COR regarding the development of the knowledge infrastructure, including both technology enablers and business processes. 
  • Shall manage permissions for the garrison SharePoint sites. 
  • Shall add web parts, update and create content and determine site structure for garrison SharePoint Sites in coordination with the respective directorates and staff offices. 
  • Shall continuously manage Microsoft Outlook tools such but not limited to Email Distribution Lists, Shared Calendars, and Meeting Scheduling in coordination with the respective directorates and staff offices. 
  • shall coordinate the storage and access to all other available KM tools to include but not limited to continuity books, organizational charts, SOPs, knowledge maps, strategic plans, campaign plans, and organizational briefings in conjunction with the garrison directorates and staff offices.
Attending the KM working group:
  • Shall develop themes and topics to guide the KM process forward for each monthly working group. 
  • Shall coordinate the location, date and time for each KM working group and send out invitations and reminder emails to working group members and other attendees. 
  • Shall synthesize the information presented into concise actionable format.
Ensuring progress toward KM objectives:
  • Shall attend the garrison Strategic Planning event and support teams with KM specific expertise. 
  • Shall provide monthly Strategic Plan updates for Command and Staff briefs that include the progress on each KM component of the Strategic Plan over the course of the month, as well as a red/amber/green status toward completion. 
  • Shall draft and submit measurement metrics for KM. 
  • Shall measure progress and results of KM strategies based on those performance metrics. 
  • Shall monitor the organization’s progress and uses the management processes and technology enablers. 
  • Shall document and apply lessons learned to update the future iterations of the garrison strategic plan.
Task Force Projects:
  • Shall act as the project manager for projects identified as having KM gaps within the garrison. 
  • Shall utilize KM tools to improve the specified processes.
Knowledge, Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or a related field, and Ten years related experience may substitute for the degree.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience performing knowledge management, team facilitation, process improvement, and project and program management in a multi-faceted organization.
  • IAT II CE: (Security+ CE, GSEC, SSCP, etc.)
  • SharePoint 2013, have a documented skillset in all aspects of SharePoint 2013 functionality, Microsoft SharePoint designer and SharePoint formulas. 
  • Must be able to occasionally lift and carry items weighing up to 40 pounds.
**********This position dependent up on the awarding of a Government Contract. **********
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