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Learning Standards Officer Liaison

Stennis, MS
Job Title: Learning Standards Officer Liaison 
Job Location: Stennis, MS
Salary:  Competitive, Depends on Qualifications
Clearance: Secret
Travel: Not Anticipated
Purpose:  The purpose of this task is to provide logistics support and training to NAVSCIATTS. 

Responsibilities (include but not limited to):
  • Serves as a training specialist subject matter expert in U.S. Naval Special Warfare Training curriculum and is responsible for assistance in developing and/or review of curriculum, instruction, and training materials.
  • Assists in development implementation, mediation, and adaptation of course curriculum to provide the highest-level of basic and advanced training in NAVSCIATTS Courses.
  • Assists in design and management of complete, full-length training courses, or major course units of comparable scope, along subject matter or functional specialty area lines. Work involves making recommendations to NAVSCIATTS on new courses and/or revision of NAVSCIATTS training materials or methods. Assignments are characterized by changing or new circumstances, which affect specific situations and require adjustments in methods or approaches different from those in existing guidelines.
  • Work involves extensive planning and organization, analyses of accumulated data and information, and considerable coordination and integration of the work with other functional activities.
  • Assists with designing NAVSCIATTS training instructional courses and material for complete full-length courses. Materials include self-contained training products such as training aids, methods, plans, etc.
  • In coordination with the assigned Government representative, studies technical material and conducts field visits to determine, review and validate the scope and content of NAVSCIATTS training courses. Assists with establishing the time and emphasis to be given each unit of study, continuity between units, and the level to which students should be trained on each item. Recommends which performance aids would be most beneficial for training in specific tasks. Assists with identifying critical job tasks and clarifies them as equipment, dependent or independent. Reports all gathered information to the Chain of Command for review.
  • Assists with designing NAVSCIATTS instructional components, e.g. Sequencing and clustering of learning events and objectives; task learning relationships, and instructional design plans. Assist with designing and implementing training and performance evaluation measures.
  • Assists with developing training materials for complete, full-length NAVSCIATTS training courses, or major course units of comparable scope. Reviews and evaluates existing training material and makes recommendations on its usefulness or need to develop new materials in compliance with the instructional design and proposes recommendations through the Chain of Command.
  • Assists in preparing NAVSCIATTS training materials and supporting instructor and student guides. Identifies, collects, and arranges all materials required in conducting training courses for assigned subject matter area, and integrates into field manuals, mission training plans, and/or training products. Assist in developing data collection instruments as interviews, questionnaires, instructor evaluations, student critiques, and checklists.
  • Provides background information or layout work to illustrate materials when needed in settings for audiovisual presentation, or illustrated printed media.
  • Explores full range of possibilities for presenting training material, to include computer based interactive courseware, long-distance instruction modules, or other types of visual/remote delivery.
  • Conducts continuous curriculum reviews and makes recommendations as to effectiveness of NAVSCIATTS training texts, lesson plans, course material, and presentations. Recommends actions to improve specific training modules and overall curriculum.
  • Assists in designing course evaluation instruments to provide continuous improvement to the training environment and student feedback. Assist with planning and conducting a wide range of training improvement and reliability studies and surveys of training course design and material. Assists with evaluating NAVSCIATTS training curriculum for applicability, adequacy, technical accuracy, and accomplishment of training objectives.
  • Reviews the quality of NAVSCIATTS training courses and courseware through visits to training sites, review of evaluation questionnaires and analysis of available data. Inputs end-of-course critiques, field evaluation, and instructor/student questionnaire feedback information.
  • Organizes or participates in validation workshops consisting of functional experts to recommend critical tasks and instructional settings. Reviews existing NAVSCIATTS training courses against the selected tasks to see if courses need modification, supplementation, or replacement and provides recommendations.
  • Assists with developing comprehensive test and measurement devices for prepared course material and conducting formative evaluation to include the critical data collection points and the most appropriate data collection instruments.
  • Assists with ensuring that expertise in NAVSCIATTS training curriculum design/redesign, instructional delivery systems and internal evaluation techniques and applications are available at the command through an effective in-service training program.
  • Conducts continuous curriculum reviews to assess effectiveness of texts, lesson plans, course material, and presentations, and initiates actions to improve specific training modules and overall curriculum. Assists with designing course review instruments to provide continuous evaluation and student feedback.
  • Informs Chain of Command on requirements and shortfalls in curriculum, training material, training support, and instructor qualifications.
  • Maintain a current/up to date status with the AIMS and NITRAS/CETARS databases.

General Requirements:
  • Possess a valid state driver’s license, and be able to obtain and maintain driver licenses and appropriate special licensing/certification for vehicles and equipment required for their specific position.
  • Possess excellent work ethics, verbal and written communication skills in English and in Spanish where specifically identified, be detailed and accurate in performing all administrative and routine functions and be able to work independently.
  • Be physically fit and able to work in an environment that is fast-paced while completing multiple tasks and meeting required deadlines.
  • Able to manipulate all equipment utilized within courses; able to on and off-board all vessels utilized within courses; able to sustain being underway during training evolutions.
  • Be able to work non-standard schedules to satisfy training requirements as required.
  • Non-standard schedules are defined as shift work in order to accommodate course schedules, which may encompass weeknights and/or weekends. These are coordinated in advance and do not exceed eight hours.
  • Write correspondence in accordance with SECNAVINST M-5216.5 Correspondence Manual as required. 
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete all Government required training associated with job responsibilities.
  • Perform data entry utilizing current versions of Microsoft® Windows®, and Microsoft Office® applications like Access®, Excel®, Word®, PowerPoint® and other related programs.
  • Comply with applicable DoD, Navy, USSOCOM and NSW cyber-security, information technology (IT) systems, network, and/or security applicable instructions and policies.
  • In the event the contractor is involved with a potential spillage, security violation, or information technology violation, the contractor shall cooperate in any related inquiry or investigation, which may include but not limited to the Government securing contractor property or contractor employee personal property as determined necessary by the Government and/or conducting forensic analysis. Applicable Department of Defense, United Special Operations Command, and Naval Special Warfare regulations, instructions, and policies would apply to such processes.
  • Shall exhibit professional conduct and comply with all applicable Federal, DoD, Navy and United Special Operation Command regulations, instructions, directives, and policies in performance of this contract.

Job Specific Knowledge & Requirements:
  • Eight (8) years’ experience in Curriculum Development with no Degree, or six (6) years' experience in Curriculum Development with a degree from an accredited U.S. college in either Education, Engineering, or Instructional Development.
  • Six (6) years’ experience in a technical environment (technical writing, rewriting and updating curriculum) in principles and understanding of SOF-unique watercraft systems and equipment.
  • Four (4) years’ experience as a USN Enlisted Qualification (NEC 805A) Instructor or other agency equivalent.
  • USN Master Training Specialist (MTS) certification or other agency equivalent.
  • Five (5) years’ collective experience working with/applying the following Naval Instructions: OPNAVINST 5100.19 Series, Safety Precautions for Forces Afloat; OPNAVINST 3500.39 Series, Operational Risk Management; OPNAVINST 4790.4 Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) Manual; and OPNAVINST 5530.13C Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Physical Security.
  • Five (5) years’ experience using the Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM) software applications.
  • Five (5) years’ supervisory experience.
  • Prior Navy / Naval Special Warfare experience desired and preferred.

About Our Company:
As a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) we are a provider of Information Technology (IT) professional services, software solutions and professional development training. Our core competencies evolved from leveraging IT enablers for knowledge management with an emphasis on Web Based Knowledge Portals and Portal Services, Server/System Services, SharePoint Development and System Administration and SQL Server Services. Our capabilities have expanded to include software development, technical training support and field support services.
Guiding Principles
  • Satisfy the customer - "Exceed expectations"
  • Set the Example - "Be out front"
  • Be Responsive - "Timing is everything"
  • Persevere - "Find a way"
PTP offers a comprehensive benefits program:
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Supplemental benefits (Short Term Disability, Cancer & Accident).
  • Employer-sponsored Basic Life & AD&D Insurance
  • Employer-sponsored Long Term Disability
  • Employer-sponsored Value Adds – FreshBenies
  • 401(k) with matching
Holidays and Annual Leave
  • 10 Paid Holidays
  • 120 hours PTO accrual per year

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