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Technical Instructor

Job Title:                    Technical Instructor
Job Location: Pope Air Force Base (Ft Bragg), NC
Salary:                        Competitive, Depends on Qualifications  
Clearance:                 Secret Clearance (Top Secret Eligible)
Travel:                        Up to 25% CONUS and OCONUS
Provide training, operational and analytical support services for the JID through the JTO Interface Training Program.
Responsibilities (include but not limited to):
  • Provide training, operational and analytical support services for the JID through the JTO Interface Training Program.
  • Develop, maintain, update, and instruct modules within the JID course catalog.
  • Support existing course curriculum.
  • Ensure there are sufficient instructors available to conduct all courses.
  • Develop, update and instruct new modules or new courses related to the JTO Interface Training Program.
  • Develop, update and instruct modules or units of instruction on a periodic basis, as required by the government, for the purpose of providing JTO related refresher training or dedicated unit training on a specific topic.
  • Maintain current training materials such as student handouts, charts, workbooks, projects, scenarios, and other similar training aids as needed or requested by the Government in accordance with the requirements of the course and or curriculum.
  • Provide planning, operations analysis, and support services to include TDL/JDN training and participation in selected joint LVC training exercises.
  • Maintain and create student registration, curriculum, testing, critiques and track learning/course management system (LMS/CMS) databases.
  • Support all Mobile Training Teams (MTT).
  • Assist with JID administration, which includes maintenance, record keeping, and safe keeping/security of course schedules, course materials, student briefs, handouts, administrative documents and tests/testing.
  • Assist in JID classroom and computer preparation for student use, to include configuration control of student workstations, IT equipment, and peripheral equipment. 
  • Assist with modernizing JID classroom instructional techniques, particularly within the electronic classroom, to export JID courses to the widest joint service, coalition, and allied audience or student population, to include reviewing video teleconferencing equipment and procedures.
  • Maintain an inventory and database of JID courseware and associated training materials.  
  • Create and maintain a database of JID current and updated course material, student records reflecting data, to include but not limited to: branch of service, rank, career field (occupational code), and background, and track each student’s individual performance during attended course(s) and maintain in the student’s record on the database.
  • Certify JID Allied Training (AT) courses.
  • Develop and maintain an Instructor Platform Training Program (IPTP) for use on both Military and Contractor personnel to insure at a minimum, four contracted instructors are qualified to teach all lessons in the curriculum.
  • Modify, develop and maintain courseware as required in support of allied and coalition training in accordance with CJCSI 6240.01 and CJCSI 6141.04 and any new courses approved and resourced by the JID.
  • Convene a quarterly instructor meeting and provide a report for the JID recommending changes to the curriculum, procedures, identifying new requirements, and updating the Instructor Qualification Matrix.
  • Develop and maintain practical exercises, challenging scenarios, simulated scenarios, and positional system training utilizing traditional or ‘as directed’ training methods, JICO Simulator and all its associated software (when operational), and JICC-Pope (when operational) capabilities.
    • Develop and maintain three practical exercises to support AT/JT-102 MAJIC.
    • Develop and maintain challenging scenarios and practical applications to support AT/JT-201 curriculum.
    • Develop and maintain positional system training and simulated scenarios to support JT/AT-301 and JT310.
  • Develop and support for simulated operations and five equally challenging simulated scenarios in support of JT/AT-301 and JT-310 courses. 
  • Develop and implement a Course Evaluation Plan (CEP) that will facilitate the development of recommended changes to the JID curriculum. The plan will be used to develop and implement a strategy for determining the effectiveness and efficiency of JID courses. The plan will assist the JID staff in defining metrics and data to be collected during the conduct of each course and the results used to analyze and interpret instructional program/course effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Develop, maintain, and execute JID courseware to include but not limited to performing the following functions:
    • Provide course continuity
    • Be a lead instructor / SME
    • Build a pool of instructors
    • Lead Pre-class set-up
    • Assign students to groups
    • Grade homework
    • Assist with Post-class cleanup
    • Document the post class ―Hot Wash
    • Provide a typewritten, soft-copy of the minutes to the JID Director via the COR no later than close of business of the following work day after the hot-wash.
    • Assist in authoring the End Of Course Critique (EOC)
    • Review/recommend Courseware Change Requests (CCRs)
    • Present recommended CCRs at semi-annual Courseware Review
    • Conduct test question analysis
    • Revise test questions
    • Develop and comply with Change Management standard operating procedures
    • Produce graduation certificates Coordinate, take and publish a digital high resolution class photo with no imbedded graphics.
  • Perform and/or assist course lead(s) with the following support duties to include:
    • Update and ensure the accuracy the JID website via Joint Electronic Library (JEL)
    • Assist with pre-class setup
    • Produce student recall roster
    • Assist with grading homework
    • Verify test is loaded / scheduled
    • Produce graduation certificates
    • Gather critique analysis data for use in courseware development and maintenance
    • Author the End of Course Critiques (EOC)
    • Before EOC goes final, crosscheck list of Graduates against the appropriate student accounting system
    • Maintain and update approved JID curriculum
    • Seek out inconsistencies in courseware material (i.e. lesson plans, student guides, slides, online instances, and tests should all match)
    • Ensure courseware is standardized
    • Co-chair Courseware review
    • Assist with Test question review
    • Develop and comply with Change Management standard operating procedures
  • Assist the JID military staff in producing, assembling, and executing the existing curriculum documented in the Joint Plans of Instruction from Joint/Combined Campaign Plans or Exercises.
  • Revise and maintain Plans of Instruction, Course Schedule, Instructor Guides, Student Guides, Student Workbooks, practical exercises, examinations, and other courseware materials, for all JID courses contained in the JCCC, as required.
  • Provide, as required, education and training support to other unified or specified commands relating to the JTO Interface Training Program which may be required as part of a MTT and could range from three days to four weeks in duration.
  • Provide Course Administration to include development and maintenance of course schedules, handouts, administrative documents, and student notification and in-processing procedures immediately upon contract award.
  • Establish procedures for posting errata sheets to physical curriculum (lesson plans, instructor plans, modules, handouts, lab sheets, etc.) prior to the next teaching of the course.
  • Provide classroom and computer preparation support to include configuration control of audiovisual and computer support equipment for in-residence, distance learning, and mobile training team curriculum, to include JTEN-U/S, JICC-Pope, and JICO Simulator use.
  • Administer and maintain the JID mission assets on the appropriate computer domains.
  • Provide technical support and assistance to the JID staff in the use of computer programs and audiovisual equipment, including classroom assets and other equipment. 
  • Provide technical support and system administration for the JID's website, including file transfer and information updates. 
  • Assist the JID staff with development, update and maintenance of configuration management plan to include classroom and MTT electronic configuration. 
  • Administer and maintain the classroom and MTT computers, to include hardware, software and anti-virus protection. Reconfigure the classroom computers as needed after each class to ensure standardization. 
  • Assist the JID staff and students in the use of the classroom and MTT computers. 
  • Provide technical support to the JID staff in the configuration of the distance learning center. 
  • Administer and maintain the computer equipment used in the distance learning center. 
  • Provide support to JID sponsored conferences and working groups. 
  • Assemble and maintain links to electronic versions of existing multi-TDL publications in their most current, accurate and up-to-date form.
Knowledge and Experience:
  • Six years of experience with any TDL equipment and/or operations, JICC Operations, RICO operations, service specific interface control cell billets requiring a JICO or AJOC certification. 
    • JKO Introduction to Data Links (JT-100)
    • JKO Link 16 Interoperability Course (JT-101 and AT-101)
    • Multi-TDL Advanced Joint Interoperability Course (JT-102 and AT-102)
    • Link 16 Planner Course (JT-201 and AT-201)
    • Link Unit Manager Course (JT-220 and AT-220)
    • Interface Control Officer Course (JICO) (JT-301 and AT-301)
    • Advanced Joint Interface Control Cell Operators Course (AJOC) (JT-310)
    • Executive Course (JT-401 and AT-401)
    • Joint Data Network Staff Course (JDNSC)
  • A Bachelor’s degree in IT, Information systems technology management or computer systems engineering will equate to two years of experience in the previous requirements. 
  • A minimum of one year of experience in simulations development or live virtual construct (LVC) development and execution which required tactical data link integration.
  • Secret Clearance (Top Secret Eligible)
About Our Company:
As a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) we are a provider of Information Technology (IT) professional services, software solutions and professional development training. Our core competencies evolved from leveraging IT enablers for knowledge management with an emphasis on Web Based Knowledge Portals and Portal Services, Server/System Services, SharePoint Development and System Administration and SQL Server Services. Our capabilities have expanded to include software development, technical training support and field support services.
Guiding Principles
  • Satisfy the customer - "Exceed expectations"
  • Set the Example - "Be out front"
  • Be Responsive - "Timing is everything"
  • Persevere - "Find a way"
PTP offers a comprehensive benefits program:
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Supplemental benefits (Short Term Disability, Cancer & Accident).
  • Employer-sponsored Basic Life & AD&D Insurance
  • Employer-sponsored Long Term Disability
  • Employer-sponsored Value Adds – FreshBenies
  • 401(k) with matching
Holidays and Annual Leave
  • 10 Paid Holidays
  • 120 hours PTO accrual per year

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