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Geopolitical and Cultural Analyst (Russian)

Quantico, VA
Job Title: Geopolitical and Cultural Analyst (Russian)
Job Location:  Quantico, VA
Salary: Competitive, Depends on Qualifications
Clearance: Top Secret/SCI
Travel: Possible travel is anticipated (CONUS and OCONUS)
People, Technology and Processes, LLC is seeking contractors to provide support services for technical, analytical, and operational tasks in order to execute MCIOC mission essential requirements. This work supports USMC Operational Forces, Information Operations (IO) advocates, IO proponents and encompasses disciplines of IO development and integration, signature management, IO analysis, operational security, program management, and intelligence technical support functions. This work statement delineates MCIOC Information Environment Services (IES) as discrete task requirements.


This task requires Senior-level language-related analytical services, including translation, transcription, interpretation, and monitoring capabilities in support of intelligence assessments, and other operational missions. Task performance requires native-level cultural expertise, in-depth knowledge of history, geopolitics, strategic interests, traditions, and cultural uniqueness of the source country/region societies. Additionally, the task requires professional-level writing and reporting skills in the target language.

  • Translate source language materials from a variety of media (print, digital media, audio, streaming video) into English for analysis and production functions;
  • Translate English materials to target language in written and audio forms as required;
  • Convey commentary reflecting specific culture and real-world cultural dynamics as well as capture the meaning of socio-cultural elements embedded in text, and;
  • Provide translation (target language to English, and English to target language) as well as analysis and other support to MCIOC reach back support products and services including IRC-specific (e.g. MILDEC, PSYOP etc.).
  • Convey the meaning of the speaker faithfully, including many details and nuances, reflecting the style, register, and cultural context of the source language, without omissions, additions, opinions, bias, or embellishments.
  • Produce periodic and ad hoc IE assessments addressing target nation/group geopolitical interests and goals, IE related capabilities, and activities impacting the IE that present threats or opportunities for USMC, US Joint or allied forces;
  • Monitor varied Publicly Available Information (PAI) and all-source intelligence, and produce initiative-based assessments of events or information that may necessitate, facilitate, complicate, or prevent the employment of US Government capabilities within the assigned area of focus;
  • Identify, incorporate and combine PAI with all-source and finished intelligence assessments (in source and target languages) to author articulate and time sensitive products on a wide range of topics in support of MCIOC requirements and to develop specific products requested by MCIOC;
  • Develop briefs/presentations and Professional Military Education (PME) to educate MCIOC on target nation/group geopolitical interests and goals, IE-related capabilities, and activities impacting the IE of the respective area of responsibility (AOR), and;
  • Draft predictive-analysis reports based on observed trends, indicators, and patterns, combined with deep native level cultural expertise, focused on adversary’s activities in the operational and information environments.
  • Provide oral and written assessment of content contributors, to include assessed origin, intent, and bias;
  • Identify social media and traditional media platforms most commonly used by civilians, military and civilian personnel of the target country/region;
  • Identify indicators when/if a foreign power is using U.S. social media platforms for its own purposes;
  • Provide oral and written assessments of emerging themes and narratives, as well as of groups or persons within assigned areas of expertise, and;
  • Produce assessments of target nation reactions to US military exercises and operations, for incorporation into larger MCIOC assessment efforts.

Required Education/Certifications:
  • Bachelor's degree (preferred)

Minimum Required Experience:
  • Able to develop and conduct executive-level briefings in English.
  • Nonnative/heritage speakers in the required languages require a score of Superior on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (AFCTL) foreign language test.
  • Residency in the target language country or region among the source language population (10 years desired)
  • Advanced education in political science and geopolitical analysis in the native country is highly desired;
  • Five-years of work experience involving analysis, and linguistic support to US Government agencies, the US.
  • Intelligence Community (IC) or non-government organizations including all-source research and assessments;
  • Ability to effectively communicate in English and target language, using the full range of formal and informal styles of language and behavior. Respond effectively to verbal and nonverbal forms of communication, and correctly interprets visual cues, cultural allusions, nuance, tone, and subtle manifestations of underlying values. Successfully take part in public discourse, such as presentations, conferences, speeches. Can use intercultural communicative skills to facilitate information exchanges in a variety of situations. Makes frequent and appropriate use of cultural references, literary allusions, quotations from literature and other significant documents, and can discuss in depth the culture’s traditions, beliefs, history, national policies, history and public issues;
  • Ability to capture dialectal and native speech variations (also, accents) in audio, video, songs, and other forms of non-print content;
  • Ability to translate high-volume (~4 pages Times New Roman 12 font, single-space, or its equivalent in varied written media/social media forms) daily with high quality and accuracy;
  • Ability to advise MCIOC on the critical areas of research and analysis and accurately identify flaws, inaccuracies, and authenticity, with source materials, when encountered;
  • Ability to perform emergent ad-hoc tasks in the area of expertise;
  • Ability to draft and deliver presentations to a variety of personnel, in small or large groups, including audience members of General Officer/Flag Officer (GO/FO) level, and;
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching (lecturing) adult audiences is preferred.

About the company:
As a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) we are a provider of Information Technology (IT) professional services, software solutions and professional development training. Our core competencies evolved from leveraging IT enablers for knowledge management with an emphasis on Web Based Knowledge Portals and Portal Services, Server/System Services, SharePoint Development and System Administration and SQL Server Services. Our capabilities have expanded to include software development, technical training support and field support services.
Guiding Principles
  • Satisfy the customer - "Exceed expectations"
  • Set the Example - "Be out front"
  • Be Responsive - "Timing is everything"
  • Persevere - "Find a way"
PTP offers a comprehensive benefits program:
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Supplemental benefits (Short Term Disability, Cancer & Accident).
  • Employer-sponsored Value Adds – FreshBenies
  • 401(k) with matching

 Holidays and Annual Leave
  • 11 Paid Holidays
  • 120 hours PTO accrual per year

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